Wednesday, April 23


✿ Hello, assalamualaikum, annyeong, konichiwa, bonjour! ✿

You might think that this is my first entry but actually its not. I'm reverting all my old posts to draft (except for tutos). So I'm literally starting new.

Why you may ask? Because I'm bored. Lame excuses I know.

So hello again! My name is Lina. And that's definitely why my blog called LinaLina. Why double the Lina? Because one is not enough! Macam chipsmore. I want more! Haha

I love reading blog. I have a few one that I've been constantly reading. How about you? Please tell me some blog recommendation.I wanna follow more people because I love reading different story! I love any kind of blog. Fashion, girly stuff, diy and craft, photography etc etc. I have a few favorites and one of them are zoella! hihi

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